Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

26 Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 May22099 Best Financial Crime Management and Identification hemis offers an innovative approach that helps clients identify and protect against financial crime risks. The company’s award-winning technology platform Themis Search & Monitoring enables seamless due diligence, allowing clients to search for any individual or company anywhere in the world to see if they have potential links to criminality. The platform allows you to check any counterparty with multiple degrees of separation and offers interactive risk mapping to better understand complex networks and spot red flags. Financial crime today is multifaceted, impacting all sectors of society. At the same time, it is often hard to identify these crimes and even harder to combat them. From fraud to modern slavery, the global financial system is exploited every day by illicit actors to operate and fund their criminal and corrupt enterprises. These crimes are not victimless and have tremendous economic and human impact, with financial crime estimated to cost countries trillions of pounds a year. Themis combines its technology with deep research, investigations and training capabilities to provide each client with tailored solutions to meet their specific anti-financial crime needs. Amongst its other functionalities, Themis Search & Monitoring allows clients to carry out screening for potential exposure to sanctions, taking into account specific-sector and jurisdictional risks. With the constantly evolving sanctions landscape of 2022 due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Themis aims to help clients navigate sanctions risk exposure and ensure compliance. The embedded nature of sanctioned Russian businesses and individuals in the global economy is a significant challenge for managing these risks. Sanctioned individuals often use proxy networks or other third parties to conduct business and evade sanctions. Themis Search allows organisations to search across their whole supply chain and third party associates, exposing even the best disguised sanction links. The platform also offers modules for monitoring in real time, allowing clients to manage real time alerts for sanctions and other high risk indicators such as adverse media. Clients can conduct automated daily ongoing screening to keep up to date with changing realities. Themis Search can be used to identify sanctions evasion networks, including front companies based in non-sanctioned countries such as the UK. For instance, in March of this year, a Moscow-based company, Serniya Engineering, reportedly used front companies in Europe to facilitate the procurement of key equipment for the Russian government. Themis Search shows the risk landscape of Serniya Engineering across the UK, including its two UK-based front companies and associates. As shown through the network mapping pictured, if a company did not take seriously the need to screen for T Themis is a cutting-edge anti-financial crime technology platform that helps clients understand and mitigate their strategic financial crime threats. sanctions across all third parties, it could end up doing business with a company that is either sanctioned or supporting a sanctioned entity or individual. In this case, the companies were directly enabling the war and the Russian army. Screening for sanction risks is just one example of Themis’ offerings. The company has deep expertise in responding to numerous financial crime types, from the illegal wildlife trade or terrorist financing to abuse of the real estate sector for money laundering purposes, via indepth investigative research and dedicated digital learning modules. Themis also has a unique database of financial crime related convictions in specific high risk areas, including modern slavery and money laundering, which powers the Themis Search platform. Themis works with both public and private sector clients to combat systemic financial crime vulnerabilities. Recent examples of its public sector collaboration include developing a digital toolkit with the UK government and civil society partners to help financial institutions understand, detect and disrupt potential links to the illegal wildlife trade. Themis was founded in 2019 by Dickon Johnstone, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Before he launched Themis, Dickon held a number of senior positions in banking, where he saw first-hand the importance of fostering wider awareness and understanding of the detrimental impacts that financial crime has on businesses and on society. While starting a company right as the Covid-19 pandemic hit was no easy task, Themis has grown into an international team of dedicated financial crime experts. Through a combination of innovation, intelligence and insight, underpinned by state of the art technology, Themis is fuelling sustainable change across the public and private sectors and helping lead the global fight against financial crime. Themis Website: