Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 37 May22195 Cloud-Based Asset Servicing Software Developer of the Year 2022 eadquartered in London, Goal Group boasts offices in Sydney, New York, and Melbourne, where they provide a unique combination of innovative cloud-based technology, unparalleled industry knowledge and legal, tax and securities expertise built up over three decades. As such, Goal Group has become the global fintech leader in withholding tax reclaims and securities class actions recoveries. This unique combination means that they are the only company in the world to specialise in both of these areas. Over the past few years, Goal Group has been working hard to revolutionise their business, service model, and their environmental credentials through an ambitious and award-winning digital transformation programme. Their new suite of cutting-edge technologies is raising the bar across the industry. Moreover, these advancements have enabled Goal Group to improve efficiency, cost, service, and sustainability in both their withholding tax reclaim and securities litigation recovery services. They have therefore, cultivated a highly diverse clientele, with many of their clients stemming from leading players within the financial services industry. Indeed, they primarily work with major custodian banks, many of the world’s top fund managers and all four of the US Depositary banks, as well as hundreds of broker/dealers, private banks, hedge funds, charities, asset managers, pension funds, trusts, local authorities, family offices and registered investment advisors. Providing such clients with a premium service is the company’s fundamental aim – this means that Goal Group listens closely to the needs and preferences of their clients, and never underestimates the importance of real human connection and interaction. For Goal Group, technology and customer service go hand in hand, and it is this that sets them apart. People are, of course, the most important element within Goal Group’s approach to business. Consequently, the company hires people from a wide range of different geographies, social backgrounds, ethnicities, and educational levels. They hire people based upon merit, not demographics, and as a result, women in leadership roles have always been a norm at Goal Group – not an exception. Equality comes naturally, but it is also embedded at an operational level through the company’s recruitment policies and HR processes, overseen by their Audit, Data Protection and Diversity Officer. The success of the team and their devotion to client-centricity enabled the company to not only survive but also grow during the Covid-19 H As a leading provider of tax reclaims and securities class action recoveries, Goal Group is entirely unique, as no other business specialises in both of these areas. The business has, as a result, built up a global clientele filled with several highly-acclaimed names. In 2022, they hope to further increase this list and continue providing their customers with an unbeatable service. pandemic. They have emerged stronger than ever before and are processing record breaking volumes of claim filings; and recording record revenues, with a prestigious and growing client base across the world. External consultants have described the company as “a lean, mean machine” – generating an average revenue per head of over $300,000 compared to the fintech industry average of $135,000. Henceforth, the company has an exceptional advantage going forward, as the past year has been one of evolution. The integral factors within the business – client service and advanced leadingedge technology – has enabled the business to offer the market’s best technological solutions within the segments of asset servicing at an unparalleled price point. In turn, they are in a premium position, and throughout the second half of 2022, they are looking forward to exploring the potential of their digital capabilities, bringing new innovations to market, and increasing the value they add to their global client base. Contact: Vicky Dean Company: Goal Group Web Address: