Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 • Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

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Contents 4 Zenith Partners: Best Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm 2023 - London 6 Financial Markets Online: Best Trading Educator 2023 – London & Best Forex Education Provider 2023 - London 8 Vallstein: Excellent Award for Global Practice in Bank Relationship Management 2023 9 Shenzen Jin Fu Zi Network Technology Co., Ltd.: Online Wealth Management Platform of the Year 2023 - China 9 15 10 Barns Financial Services: Best Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm 2023 - Western Australia 11 Innovate Accountancy Limited: Most Client Focused SME Accounting Practice - UK 12 HCA (Hannaway Corporate Advisory): Best Corporate Advisory Group 2023 – Northern Ireland 13 Upwards Auditoria e Consultoria: Independent Auditing & Consulting Firm of the Year 2023 - Brazil 14 Lets Protect Limited: Most Client-Focused Insurance Brokerage Firm 2023 - East Midlands 15 Compound Wealth Planning: Best Personal Financial Planning Specialist 2023 (London): Kanishk Swarup 16 Syzygy Investment Advisory: Best Alternative Asset Management Advisory Firm 2023 – USA 17 Blacktrace B.V.: Best M&A Advisory 2023 - the Netherlands 18 Capital For Market: Best Business Loan Brokerage 2023 - Canada 19 mybestbuysavings: Best UK Expatriate Savings Service Provider 2023 20 Kronos Advisory - The Multi-Family Office: Asset Structuring Specialists of the Year 2023 - Austria 21 Kemah Capital: MGA of the Year 2023 22 Kredias spa: Best Financial Intermediary 2023 - Puglia 23 Italian Network: Best Internationalization Consulting Firm 2023 - Albania 24 Volume Trader Academy: Best Financial & Trading Education Provider 2023 - Europe 25 Expat Taxes: Best Expat Tax Filing Platform 2023 - ROI 26 Oasis Accountants Limited: Best Family-Run Accountancy Practice 2023 – London & Client Service Excellence Award 2023 27 Commercial Bank International: Most Innovative Commercial & Personal Bank 2023 - UAE 28 VERITAS Professional Services: Best Accounting Firm 2023 - Sierra Leone 29 Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd: Debt Reduction & Money Management Company of the Year 2023 - Australia 30 Blue Factor S.P.A.: Financial Intermediary of the Year 2023 - Milan 31 Honest and Young Pty Ltd: Best Tax Agents & Business Advisory Firm 2023 - Victoria 32 Goldstein Roth Ventures & Industries Private Limited: Best Cross-Border Investment Banking Firm 2023 – India

4 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 s one of the most active private equity forms operating within the UK and Poland, Zenith Partners has devoted its practises to transforming businesses into the best versions of themselves. By both providing and facilitating private investment, corporate advisory, and business transformation expertise, it’s managed to redefine excellence within the field. Its serves are both streamlined and all-encompassing, making business growth an undeniable certainty above all else. Directly deriving from its dedication and unwavering commitment to its clients, Zenith Partners has repeatedly seen businesses grow and thrive under its watch. Its services have managed to successfully reconfigure the way businesses approach transformation, adaptation, and advancements, with a plethora of satisfied clients lending to its impressively solid track record. Zenith Partners has proven that it’s an undeniably reliable provider, with services that are simply invaluable to the vast majority of businesses throughout both London and Poland. In terms of clients, Zenith Partners primarily offers its expertise to specialists within their respective industries. It embodies the meaning of experts working alongside experts, allowing for a perfect union of client talent and Zenith Partners’ acute understanding of investment and corporate strategy. Whether a business is looking to pursue their next scale-up funding round, corporate acquisition, or public markets access and exposure, Zenith Partners has every tool at its disposal to secure support for every transactional need. Of course, it’s common knowledge that the UK has been suffering as a whole on the financial front. Regardless of whether this is due to the effects of the pandemic, or if it’s a direct result of Brexit, a multitude of industries have been hit hard in the pursuit of accelerating their business growth. Costs are constantly rising, which can act as a monumental setback for new start-ups, or even existing businesses wanting to expand their horizons. Zenith Partners recognised the need for changes to be made in order to better assist its clients, and made the decision to extend its business to Poland. As a result, Zenith Partners has managed to pull in capital from Poland’s booming economy to a struggling economy. Within the UK, most high street banks are simply refusing to lend to businesses of a variety of sizes, so Zenith Partners took the initiative to ensure it could continue to provide everything a business could need to really excel. Its comprehensive servies are as successful as they are thanks to Zenith Partners’ carefully considered strategies, which have ultimately allowed it to consistently remain as the UK’s top venture capital and private equity provider. But why is venture capital so essential? Specialising in technologybased sectors, venture capital provides entrepreneurs and startup companies with the finances to excel and raise funds for their ventures. Zenith Partners is the go-to provider within London, and it’ll guarantee that businesses see returns on their investments through the profit that its venture capital services assist in accumulating. Venture capital funding has the potential to create behemoth businesses, and Zenith Partners is at the forefront of securing this level of success for its clients. The success of a business is Zenith Partners’ top priority. No matter the needs or requirements, it has tailored itself to adapt to whatever is necessary to garner development and growth for its clients. As a result of this devotion, Zenith Partners has advanced to a position where it’s able to provide securitised bridge loans of between £50,000 to £1,000,000, depending on security and contract. It’s managed to concoct a flawless method to help SMEs and entrepreneurs make the most of the opportunities they’re faced with, without having to fret about time constraints and monetary challenges. Now, Zenith Partners is heralded as the best bridging loan company within London. It’s always searching for a funding solution, as opposed to simply looking for reasons to reject lending required funds. It has its sights set on giving businesses the chance to pursue greatness through any means necessary, and believes that alleviating financial roadblocks is the first step towards making this venture as streamlined as possible. Zenith Partners truly cares, which definitely sets it apart from larger lenders within the region. Another way in which Zenith Partners assists its clients with their financial situations, however, is its masterfully crafted investment solutions. Zenith Partners is comprised of only the most skilled professionals, each adept in identifying where businesses should invest in order to see maximum returns. Its diverse range and network of funds allows Zenith Partners to support companies from every walk of life, all in a bid to back the growth cycle of small businesses from the very beginning of their journeys. Zenith Partners is an investment company that sees the best in its clients. It’s expertly managed to recognise and perfect the art of Heralded as ‘The Trusted Advisors’, Zenith Partners is focused on helping businesses with the next step of their development. From leading the charge as the most exceptional venture capital provider in London, to delivering comprehensive investment solutions that’re geared towards guaranteeing financial success, Zenith Partners grants clients with the opportunity to effortlessly flourish. A Best Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm 2023 - London

understanding its clients wants and desires, and won’t rest until it sees the companies that it believes in succeed. No matter how complex the situation is, be it recovering from the effects of the pandemic, or the ramifications of withdrawn furlough and government-backed loans, Zenith Partners is prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver comprehensive solutions. Navigating the financial sphere is a tricky task in itself. Especially when the world seems to be increasingly difficult to be seen in. Thankfully, Zenith Partners is on-hand to promote its clients in new and effective ways. Its solutions and services are second to none, and it’s constantly evolving to best meet the needs of businesses from a variety of sectors. As a result, it’s come to accumulate an award-winning reputation that’s sure to reassure any business that Zenith Partners is one to really trust. Contact: Matthew Quigley Company: Zenith Partners Web Address: Best Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm 2023 - London

6 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Financial Markets Online is the foremost forex educator according to multiple online platforms. FMO is a VTCT approved trader training centre that runs courses from beginner to advanced level, mainly live but also online. They have live trading floors in Chelsea Harbour, London and Dubai, UAE where students visit to spend time with professional traders. Best Trading Educator 2023 – London & Best Forex Education Provider 2023 - London inancial Markets Online teaches people how to navigate the world of forex to ensure that traders who are serious can achieve their financial goals. It offers a service that is 5-star rated across multiple platforms, including Google and Trustpilot. They employ an open-door policy enabling access to oneto-one trading sessions with leading experts and the environment of a professional trading floor. FMO’s in person courses are designed to assist people from beginner level and up, with an introduction course that takes place online. Courses range from a very brief insight into how the financial markets work, to Ofqual regulated advanced diplomas in financial trading at Level 5, which is the equivalent of a UK national degree. Their programmes focus purely on the traders’ development, assisting them on their journey to becoming fully competent in the financial markets. All programmes come complete with coaching from senior traders, who are themselves all members of leading technical analyst organisations STA (the Society of Technical Analysis), IFTA (the International Federation of Technical Analysis), and CISI (the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment). Its open-door policy for all traders across its live trading floor means that everyone is encouraged to join in. It’s not just confined to senior team members, even beginners can participate in the live trading action. Financial Markets Online considers that judging from the current state of the nation, with a rise in the cost of living, and uncertainty abounding, there has never been a better or more important time to take advantage of a second income. It is confident to declare that from as little as one hour a day’s dedicated focus, it can teach new traders how to win back their time through the capacity of trading forex. In a nutshell, forex refers to the process of changing one currency into another, for various reasons such as commerce, trading, or tourism. It is a portmanteau word made up of the words foreign and exchange. For trading purposes, the way forex works is traders speculate on the changing exchange rates by converting large sums of money from currency to currency. “As a forex trader you need to stay on top of your trades and your emotions. Take the market seriously, understand yourself, and by using our trading tips you can become a wellrounded trader.” Financial Markets Online supports a wide spectrum of trading styles and asset classes. Being a part of the FMO also gives individuals the opportunity to cover various trading styles and asset classes from short term trading, swing trading, position trading, and investment theory of stocks, exchange traded funds, options, futures commodities, and currencies. As a FMO member, clients will become an active part of a trader community, and show a commitment to success through efforts to continuously improve their professional skills. The top forex experts at Financial Markets Online have decades of trading experience all with a wealth of knowledge ready to share. One of the key aspects FMO offers is live trading events, sometimes with up to 500 people in attendance. The senior team teaches a simple strategy to apply within the live markets, using real money, and producing real results. It is cognisant of the unfortunate fact that the financial trading industry is known for sharks, but using its skills and judgement to overcome barriers effectively has put FMO in the fortunate position of owning social proof of its trustworthiness, with amazing referrals that have positioned it as the number one trader training centre in the UK. FMO are proud to operate in a transparent manner, which is emphasized by its daily routines. For instance, most days the trading floor will be home to about 15-18 traders, with a further 10 clients who pop in to trade live alongside the team. All of the programmes it offers come with a oneto-one mentor built in, who will be there to hold new traders hands for every step of the way. The company’s forex trading courses have been designed directly from the trading floor by senior traders. The strategies it teaches cover all trading levels, and are in use daily by traders. They have been back-tested for decades, and have proved their ongoing consistency across all asset classes. To make it easier for new and intermediate level traders to become confident, it has shortened and simplified the processes. Financial Markets Online offers a Fast Track course with a personal introduction to trading. It will help create a bespoke trading plan, a platform set up for clients, and also offers a 90-day free trial to get them up and running. It will look at all sorts of aspects of trading, including a module on trading psychology. This concerns the mental state of mind and emotions of a trader, and examines how that can influence the success or failure of a trade. FMO also offers a 3-day forex masterclass, consisting of a crash course to becoming successful in the markets. Day 1 looks at goal setting and the creation of a trading plan. Day 2 looks at moving averages, candlestick formations, risk management and scaling. Day 3 is when the previous 2 days of intensive theory is put into practice with a full day of live trading, starting with the European market open. Day 3 is the client’s practical experience, when they will stand on a trading floor surrounded by successful traders. So far, FMO’s record is 28 winning trades out of 32 and 260 pips banked. A pip is an acronym for percentage in point, or price interest point. It is the smallest whole unit price move an exchange rate can make. Additional courses available at FMO include an online seasonality course, where forex will be examined according to stocks and commodities using seasonality / historical performance. There’s also an advanced trading course, for clients wanting to take their training and trading that extra step further. The Financial Markets Online is certainly going from strength to strength, and this has been further reinforced by its success in the recent Worldwide Finance Awards. It has been presented with two prestigious titles: Best Trading Educator 2023 – London, and F

Best Trading Educator 2023 – London & Best Forex Education Provider 2023 - London Best Forex Education Provider 2023 – London. Well done to Financial Markets Online and its dedicated trading team. It truly is such an exciting world to be a part of, and its ability to grow such amazing knowledge far and wide is hugely commendable. Company: Financial Markets Online Web Address: Contact Name: James Bentley

8 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Excellent Award for Global Practice in Bank Relationship Management 2023 Vallstein helps companies large and small to gain transparency in their banking relationships. Its fundamental benefit is to reduce the uncertainty and inefficiency of bank relationship management processes, enabling clients to make informed, fact-based decisions regarding the selection of banks or other financial services. Company: Vallstein Web Address: Contact Name: Hugo van Wijk Vallstein believes that many companies have more bank relationships than are strictly necessary, often owing to a lack of transparency. It also realises that for many banks it is a relatively minor number of commercial and corporate clients who bring them the largest revenue shares. Therefore, it is eager to reduce inefficiencies on both sides, and increase the potential for cost reduction overall. This creates a win-win situation for both sides, with shared benefits for all parties. Vallstein’s intention is to ensure companies fully understand how their banks earn money from their commercial customers. It realises that businesses have a tendency to shop around, comparing a number of banks’ pricing per product, and selecting the cheapest from each one. However, it knows this causes fragmentation and inefficiencies - the very things that Vallstein is eager to improve upon. It educates clients on how if a company were able to put all the products it wanted in one basket, and negotiate an all-in banking price, it would be able to get a better deal. This is just an example, as it is not suggesting a business should concentrate everything with just one bank, but they should look for what works best for them overall, with everything of course dependent on the individual situation. The other situation Vallstein can assist with is objectively determining what constitutes a fair price for services, such as the interest margin for credit facilities. With its technical help, it feels that businesses can make calculations regarding reasonable interest margins for their specific company themselves, taking into account their own credit risk. This is possible by applying Vallstein’s own WalletSizing methodology, a product which in essence provides a look at banking relationships through the eyes of the banks a client is using. Applying the Basel Rules on Regulatory Capital to specific credit situations allows companies to determine the reasonable terms and conditions applicable to their specific situation, whilst still providing the bank with a fair (but not excessive) return on the assumed credit risk. Following almost a decade of negative interest rates, 2023 is seeing a profound change in the banking climate. Things are returning to normality, with positive interest rates back again. The impact this is having for companies is making managing bank relationships even more important. Financial expenses have, all of sudden, become an important line item in P&L, where savings have a major impact on net profit. Unfortunately, with the current economic climate being somewhat uncertain, banks are taking a more careful view of extended credit lines. Another influence on the sector is that of Fintech, which is becoming more mature, and thus clearer to observe in terms of what works and adds value. This has brought interesting development for banks, although it also makes it more imperative for companies to do their due diligence when negotiating terms and conditions. Vallstein promotes flexibility in delivering its services and solutions. Currently a considerable amount of work is done through partner consultants like Accenture and KPMG. This enables it to serve more clients in worldwide locations, alongside its direct clients. Technology has also developed significantly, and clients can access delivery formats ranging from near DIY to managed services, where they outsource all the bank relationship management, analytics, and decision preparation to Vallstein. It is also actively involved in negotiations with the banks themselves, particularly with smaller clients. Its essential WalletSizing methodology is something that levels the playing field when it comes to negotiating with banks, as companies need to be correct in their numbers to be able to get the best results. Vallstein has now been presented with the Excellent Award for Global Practice in Bank Relationship Management 2023, from the Worldwide Finance Awards. This prestigious title is indicative of all the amazing work the company is doing to provide clients with such incredible analytics. Well done Vallstein, it really is making a tremendous difference.

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 9 Online Wealth Management Platform of the Year 2023 - China n a fascinating display of innovation, JFZ Group is pursuing new and streamlined ways for families to handle their finances. It’s committed to becoming China’s leading research and technology-driven family asset allocation service platform. By utilising the newest technologies, it’s managed to accomplish incredible feats in such a short amount of time compared to its competitors. Possibly the best example of this devotion to brilliance is its Family Financial Cloud Platform. As a platform, it’s based on mature investment research, risk control, product management, post-investment, fund manager integration, insurance planning, and technological service systems, all to concoct a simple means for families from all walks of life to handle their finances. It takes out the overcomplication of the industry, all in the hopes that it can provide an effective wealth management platform. Of course, it comes as no surprise to learn that JFZ Group is at the forefront of technology’s recent innovations. It’s constantly applying its expertise in the technological sphere in order to utilise only the best of the best. The result is a platform that’s both intuitive and incredibly effective – something that has quickly become invaluable throughout China’s finance management sphere. Despite the frequent fluctuations within the technological industry, JFZ Group has remained at the forefront of innovation. At its core, JFZ Group seeks to make family financial planning struggles a thing of the past. It provides one-stop services for a range of individual circumstances, with a multitude of options available to each client. From financial analysis, protection planning, and investment advisory, to fund management and comprehensive and cross-cycle wealth management solutions that’re balanced with risks and returns, it delivers on promises that have gone unfulfilled within the sector. However, its services don’t end here. In addition to its plethora of financial management options, it also delivers convenience throughout its company. Its services also cover convenient product search and price comparisons that’re accessible from just about every mode of technology. Be it mobile, PC, or WeChat, JFZ Group grants clients with a unique way to query if their money is being spent in the most effective way. It’s through this undeniable prowess that JFZ Group has been able to make such a stark difference throughout China. It combines incredible intellect with untold technological talent in order to deliver the best solutions to each of its clients. The real-time, professional services that it offers are simply uncontested within the field – something that JFZ Group is both aware and incredibly proud of. Thanks to its unwavering dedication, it’s already managed to deliver services to more than 1,000,000 middle-class and high-net-worth families, which just stands as a testament to how invaluable its assets are to its clients. JFZ Group has created a financial management platform that has the best interests of its clients at heart. Through honing and developing the technologies with which it works, it’s been able to grant the people of China with the chance to understand the best possible ways in which to manage their finances. JFZ Group is a multi-award-winning company that’s more than deserving of its fantastic reputation, and we simply can’t wait to see how the new advancements in technology benefit the families of China throughout the coming years. Contact: Ya Fang Company: Shenzen Jin Fu Zi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Web Address:` Managing finances and wealth is never as straightforward as it may initially seem. There are a multitude of hurdles and obstacles one must overcome before you can even begin to handle your monetary assets in a masterful way. However, technology has started to eliminate these roadblocks one by one, and Shenzen Jin Fu Zi Network Technology (JFZ Group) has become China’s go-to for technological and AI-driven finance assistance platforms. I

Aug22499 10 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 May23631 Best Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm 2023 - Western Australia rivately owned Barns Financial Services deliberately chose to locate its business in the suburbs, to give it access to a wide range of clients. It loves dealing with all kinds of people, and helping them to reach their investment goals. It believes that financial planning is about more than just investing money, which is why it focuses on cash flow planning, and year on year tracking, to guide clients along the right path. It has very strong values and an investment philosophy that increases the probability of success. The company is awaiting implementation from government from the recent ‘Quality of Advice Review’. It realises that regulations are a major factor when it comes to providing financial advice, but, unfortunately, it also recognises that previous legislation has lead to some unintended consequences, effectively making provision of advice for those that need it the most something unattainable. It looks forward to hearing the government’s response to the review, so it can continue offering it clients the top quality and efficient services they deserve. Over the previous year, Bans Financial has been investing heavily into staff training, and growing as a business providing clients with the best possible service. Administration can be a burden, as it consumes a lot of resources and takes time to ensure compliance. None of this necessarily leads to better advice for clients, but it is required. The company hopes that through training staff, who share similar values, its business will be able to expand and flow forward to future generations. It also feels that enabling staff to have exposure to other parts of the business it will help them to achieve greater understanding of the whole financial planning process. Barns Financial Services is fortunate in that it is able to share ideas with trusted colleagues within the financial world, with the intention of finding better outcomes for clients. It meets regularly and discusses numerous topics, keeping it up to date with all the latest industry advancements. Topics discussed might be how they all do things differently to other firms, or what they do that their clients think is extraordinary. Gathering ideas in this way can help to collectively identify best practice, and therefore be of significant benefit to clients. The company is of the opinion that when it comes to financial planning there are two critical elements to consider. First, there’s the technical side, which is of great importance as it ensures clients of accurate and appropriate advice. Barns Financial provides education to its staff to encourage them to be technically strong, with the end goal being that all advisors either are, or are working towards being, Certified Financial Planners. The second, and probably most important element, is strong communication and empathy. As financial advisors are probably trusted with more private information than any other professions, it is vital that it can build trust over time. Reaching success in these two areas is the very foundation of being a great financial advisor, and is something the company is looking for whenever it recruits new staff. It knows it can teach the technical side, but it is the people side that is important when it comes to recruitment. It values recruits that are willing to learn, willing to listen and are just great all-round human beings. 2023 is an exciting time in the financial planning world. Whilst there are always hurdles to clear, Barns Financial Services is confident that the expected removal of certain administration regulations will mean it will be able to assist more people, and provide access to even greater advice. This, in turn, should lead to better outcomes for society as a whole. The team at Barns Financial are united in the satisfaction, both personally and professionally, that comes from seeing such goals achieved. As the recently announced winners of Best Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm 2023 - Western Australia, in the Worldwide Finance Awards, Barns Financial Services is certainly riding high. Well done to it and its team on this fantastic achievement. Company: Barns Financial Services Web Address: Contact Name: Nathan Barns Barns Financial Services is an independent financial planning and wealth management service. It is privately owned and licensed, and is pleased to be able to offer its valued clients honest advice and the some of the best products available on the market. P Barns Financial Services

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 11 Finally, Innovate Accountancy presents business owners with the unique opportunity to receive profit first coaching. Delivered by Innovate Accountancy’s team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals, this service focuses on each and every area that plays a crucial role in driving a business towards success. Not only does it adopt a professional approach that’s both personal and easy to understand, but Innovate Accountancy also offers ongoing support no matter the requirement. All of this culminates in a fantastic accounting firm that has proven again and again that clients are at the core of everything it does. Every service has been carefully designed with business owners in mind, and are essential to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Innovate Accountancy is an expert in its field, and we’re very excited to see how it utilises AI and budding technologies in order to enhance both itself and its clients in the years to come. Contact: Zoe Goodchild Company: Innovate Accountancy Limited Web Address: Most Client-Focused SME Accounting Practice - UK Innovate Accountancy is a firm that provides a client focused approach towards accounting. It doesn’t offer general solutions, and instead takes its clients’ unique businesses into account before assisting them in crafting their new tomorrow. No matter the client, it’s Innovate Accountancy’s job to propel business owners in ways that they may have never thought possible. In addition, it places an immense amount of emphasis on delivering a bespoke service - one that’s both thoughtful and geared towards fulfilling a client’s goals for their business. Specialising in businesses that want to take the next step towards scaling up their practises, Innovate Accountancy provides a guiding light in what is often dark and untraversable terrain. Its team works alongside ambitious businesses to help increase their financial visibility, all in the hopes that its clients will be able to devise strategic steps based on Innovate Accountancy’s findings. As a firm, Innovate Accountancy is beyond skilled in the art of recognising the best ways to spend your money, and will focus on all of the crucial areas necessary to uplift a business to new heights. But just how is Innovate Accountancy able to provide so much to so many clients? By focusing on four specific categories, Innovate Accountancy has managed to master methods of accountancy that’re simply unparalleled. One such area of expertise is its compliance services. Innovate Accountancy is able to meticulously analyse a business’s standing in terms of compliance, and has managed to form an effective service centered around ensuring they meet legal and regulatory requirements. It covers everything, from tax compliance to financial reporting, allowing business to focus on their core operations whilst remaining compliant. Another of Innovate Accountancy’s invaluable characteristics, however, is its advisory services. By placing a vast focus on individuals, businesses, and organisations alike, Innovate Accountancy encourages careful thinking when it comes to the topic of financial decisions. Be it budgeting, forecasting, or simply planning, clients can rely on Innovate Accountancy to provide a comprehensive service that covers all bases. Additionally, if advice is required on specialised sectors, Innovate Accountancy has the means to assist in order to increase a business’s growth potential. If clients are seeking more one-to-one assistance, however, Innovate Accountancy also offers a financial management service. Similar to its advisory service, Innovate Accountancy’s management services help businesses with their financial plans and pursuits. However, it goes a step further than providing advice, and is willing to directly guide businesses towards achieving their long-term goals through finance management. Innovate Accountancy seeks to identify opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, resulting in an increase in both performance and decision-making prowess. Founded as a means to support and empower business owners to achieve the ideal state of their company, Innovate Accountancy has put in the work so that clients don’t have to. It automates day to day processes within businesses of all sizes, all whilst identifying areas for improvement, culminating in advancements that’re sure to alleviate any roadblocks. Below, we explore how Innovate Accountancy has set the standard within the UK’s SME accounting industry. Innovate Accountancy Limited

12 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Best Corporate Advisory Group 2023 – Northern Ireland After retiring from his 34-year career, of which 25 were as a partner at PwC, John Hannaway established Hannaway Corporate Advisory (HCA) in 2013. HCA has grown and expanded over the years, enabling it to assist clients throughout all stages of their business cycle. We find out more as it is recognised in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. Contact: John Hannaway Company: HCA (Hannaway Corporate Advisory) Web Address: HCA’s growth has developed organically through responding to client demand for its services. This led to the formation of two specialised subsidiary companies, HCA Business Recovery and HCA Corporate Finance. However, it didn’t just end there as in 2022, the online bookkeeping specialist firm, Magic Beans, joined its group, expanding the services it could provide even further. The success that has made it possible for the firm to grow the way it has resulted from John’s four ‘P’ principles. HCA’s advice must be professional and practical, personal to the client’s unique needs, and delivered passionately. All staff members have these qualities and that attitude instilled into their approaches so that clients are always the main focus. When HCA began, all decisions made were based on servicing clients’ needs to the highest standard. To accomplish this, it purposely created its own staff structure that moved away from the traditional system and instead used a top-heavy approach. HCA has five directors each with their own specialism, and three Associate Directors enabling it to offer clients a level of expertise they would typically expect from a large firm. Through HCA, clients can access expert support in all business cycles through a wide range of services. Firstly, with HCA Chartered Accountants, its team can assist with audit, accountancy, and taxation compliance.. In addition, it also offers its expertise on Xero accounting, forensic accounting, expert witness, strategy, and taxation planning. HCA gets to know your business in detail in order to provide proactive advice and insight beyond meeting legal requirements. For example, in its taxation services, clients have access to a team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure that you pay the least amount of the right amount of e tax as possible. It maximises the efficiency of your business, wealth, and legacy. Meanwhile, HCA Corporate Finance assists shareholders and management teams in preparing for the next event within their business cycle. Its highly focused approach means it understands its client’s aspirations and works with them to deliver an appropriately funded business plan. When facing difficult situations, you need to be supported; having the guidance of HCA Business Recovery can bring the most beneficial results for you and your business. Seeking to avoid formal insolvency wherever possible, HCA BR focuses on business turnaround. Its advisory services include financial health checks, business recovery, business turnaround, mentoring and board advice, corporate restructuring, performance improvement consulting, and much more. If formal insolvency services are required, HCA BR can facilitate individual, partnership and company voluntary arrangements, and provide administration, liquidation and nominee services, act as trustee in bankruptcy, and more. The broad network that HCA has established of senior banks, alternative lenders, venture capitalists, private equity firms, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate investors ensures that it can find the perfect solution that works with each client that seeks its services. It can advise con mergers and acquisitions, and provides private equity advisory, debt and capital advisory, financial and tax due diligence, and strategic advisory services. HCA’s latest addition, Magic Beans, offers on line real time bookkeeping and management accounts services to a wide variety of clients. Whether you are self-employed, run a small business, operate a charity, or have just begun your business journey, it provides its expertise to you and your business. . You can seek advice when you need it, and its team guides you to understand the meaning behind the numbers to help you make informed decisions that drive business growth. Regardless of the position you find yourself in, or the type of business you have, HCA has services to suit the needs of a wide range of clients. You can benefit from its expertise, helping you incorporate solutions, manage finances to grow your business strategically, and much more. We are delighted to share that HCA has received the title of Best Corporate Advisory Group 2023 – Northern Ireland. Head over to Hannaway Corporate Advisory’s website and learn how it can direct your business in a way you didn’t imagine possible – whether it’s managing your accounts to free up your time, assisting you during challenging situations, or acquiring or disposing of a business, its team of experts are dedicated to going above and beyond for you and your company.

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 13 Independent Auditing & Consulting Firm of the Year 2023 - Brazil n 2014, Upwards was established by Founder & Managing Partner Luciano Neris, an experienced accounting and finance professional who has worked across Portugal, Canada, and the United States. Having worked in auditing for over 25 years at renowned firms such as Ernst & Young, he has managed several complex financial audits of private and public entities listed in the local and US stock markets. After 21 years at Ernst & Young, Luciano left the firm in search of a brandnew project that he could dedicate his time and effort to. He was inspired to create Upwards in order to provide high quality audit and consulting services, backed by comprehensive expertise and innovative technologies, that aim to increase market trust and business sustainability. During its foundation, Upwards faced a number of challenges, but Luciano was committed to driving the firm towards its goals. Having reached many milestones thanks to his hard work, the firm is currently working towards consolidation in the market, with plans to expand in the coming years. Upwards aims to create competitive and sustainable differentials, contribute towards the transformation and innovation of organisations, and generate added value for stakeholders of all kinds. These include shareholders, management bodies, employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners. To accomplish these missions, Upwards provides four key types of service. Firstly, it offers assurance services, which include auditing, accounting reports, evaluations, and other types of audit related services. These are executed using the firm’s audit methodologies, which are compliant with the local and International Audit Standards. Secondly, Upwards offers advisory services to help with things like financial reporting issues, corporate business consulting, accounting outsourcing, and corporate compliance reviews. These are executed using PDCA and other best practice methodologies to deliver the best results. Thirdly, Upwards offers corporate tax services such as direct and indirect tax review, corporate tax planning, and transfer price. The firm is equipped with a team of tax experts who develop and implement solutions based on jurisdiction tax law, requirements, and noted opportunities. Lastly, Upwards provides assistance with business transactions. This includes due diligence, support with mergers and acquisitions, IPO readiness, and business valuation. Over the years, Upwards has built a loyal customer base of medium and big companies, some of which are leaders in their local market. The firm primarily serves major cities in the southeast region, including the main financial centre in Brazil. Since its office is located in San Paulo city, the firm has the capacity to help clients across the nation. Currently, most of its clients are based in São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife. At Upwards, all staff are experts in their fields, meaning they can provide the best quality support and advice to customers. They apply methodology to evaluate and execute procedures and deliver solutions that are focused on achieving the best results. Upwards takes steps to ensure that the conduct of its employees reflects the highest ethical standards. For example, it encourages them to maintain a transparent relationship with customers, colleagues, and partners, fostering responsibility and trust between all parties. The firm also works to ensure that its staff interact with clients in a clear and objective manner. Furthermore, it strives to deliver excellent solutions that are focused on results. As a result of its outstanding services, Upwards has been awarded Independent Auditing & Consulting Firm of the Year, Brazil, in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. We congratulate the firm on this achievement and look forward to seeing what it goes on to accomplish in the years to come. Contact: Luciano Neris Company: Upwards Auditoria e Consultoria Web Address: Based in Brazil, Upwards is an auditing and consulting firm with a focus on business management and strategy. Serving clients nationally, it works to help corporations solve complex management problems, make strategic decisions, and formulate alternative action models. This is essential in the modern day, where business environments are often full of uncertainties, risks, competition, and unknown possibilities. I

Aug22499 14 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Jun23215 Most Client-Focused Insurance Brokerage Firm 2023 - East Midlands et’s Protect Insurance Brokers is an insurance intermediary with a client base centred around the community of Nottingham, UK. Positive word of mouth is helping to promote and expand its business, and numerous gratefully received recommendations are also assisting its amazing exponential growth. Its first year has brought many challenges, especially in the fast-changing world of insurance, but having worked hard to establish the business from the ground up, it is proud of the progress it’s already achieved. Let’s Protect values integrity, accountability, collaborations & relationships, embracing innovation, maintaining professionalism, and adhering to compliance. It takes a client-centric approach, with a strong focus on putting customers’ needs first, providing personalised solutions, and delivering outstanding service. It recognises the importance of fostering connections with insurers, underwriters, and other industry professionals to provide the best possible solutions for clients. Having a good rapport with clients is essential to Let’s Protect, who will always deliver on its promises, act responsibly, and fulfil its obligations. This includes taking ownership of, and promptly rectifying, any mistakes. It wants to stay ahead of the curve by adapting to technological advances, and seeking creative innovative solutions that address clients’ evolving needs. Long-term, the company plans to build enduring partnerships with clients, insurers, and other stakeholders. Ultimately, this fabulous award-winning company aims to achieve sustainable growth, stability, and longevity within the industry. Company: Lets Protect Limited Web Address: Contact Name: Attyia Khan Nottingham based Let’s Protect offers insurance services focused on protecting whatever people value the most. The company has just completed its first years’ trading, and is already making a huge difference in the lives of its valued clients with its exceptional standards of professional service. L Lets Protect Limited Join 85,000 Readers in Over 170 Countries Subscribe to our newsletter

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 15 Compound Wealth Planning encompasses a wide array of clients, ranging from families, individuals, and businesses. However, its speciality lies with families with young children – it has an intrinsic expertise in planning for children’s financial futures, which gives it a unique edge in this specific demographic. Its values are innate and have not once changed since the company’s inception, and it’s clear to see that, by reducing the complexity that surrounds the management of finances, it’s able to have a positively life-changing impact on its clients. Of course, no two situations are the same. That’s why Compound Wealth Planning really takes the time to sit down with its clients and identify the areas most in need of some reworking. It personalises its approaches based on the needs of every client, granting it a certain individuality that’s quite uncommon within the field. There’s no one-stop-solution to financial management struggles, and Compound Wealth Planning is more than aware of this. By exploring its clients’ finances, it manages to foster trust and empowerment throughout its practises. Everyone is entitled to financial stability. No matter your background, or the country you hail from, you deserve to have peace of mind when approaching the management of your finances. Thankfully, Kanishk has built Compound Wealth Planning from the ground up, all to ensure that no individual is ever left to fend for themselves again. Contact: Kanishk Swarup Company: Compound Wealth Planning Web Address: Best Personal Financial Planning Specialist 2023 (London): Kanishk Swarup Everyone deserves to have financial security, regardless of their income level or background. This is the ethos upon which Compound Wealth Planning is built – one that demonstrates its overarching mission to bring financial stability and independence to each of its clients. As a financial planning firm, Compound Wealth Planning applies all of its experience and talent in order to deliver cohesive financial plans to clients from every walk of life. What truly drives Compound Wealth Planning is its hopes to, once and for all, eliminate the stress and hassle that accompanies financial planning and management. It’s never an easy process, and most would prefer to not think about where their money’s going and when. It can be daunting, or even completely overwhelm someone, especially given the UK’s frequently rising costs. Everything is getting more expensive, so Compound Wealth Planning has tirelessly worked to formulate a solution that’ll prepare every client for what’s next in their financial journey. It tackles all of the challenges that can face anyone looking to manage and plan their finances – from time constraints and experience to knowledge and interest – to help individuals grow their wealth in streamlined and interactive ways. Compound Wealth Planning recognises the benefits that having financial peace of mind brings, and seeks to provide clients with a confidence and relief that they’ve no doubt been desperately searching for. Its unique approach towards the sector is inspiring, and it’s the drive to make monetary concerns a thing of the past that makes Compound Wealth Planning a must for financial strategising. However, none of this would be possible without Kanishk Swarup’s incredible prowess in the field. As Founder and Principal Adviser of Compound Wealth Planning, Kanishk utilises his wide range of experience, partnered with his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics, to deliver results to his clients. He has strong faith in the notion that anyone can become financially secure, should they apply the correct strategy, and become a cornerstone for those who’re wanting to learn how to devise such strategy. Kanishk hails from a very humble background. After moving to the UK from India, Kanishk had to work harder than most to even get his foot in the door. However, his love for the field, combined with his drive to help those who are struggling to keep their finances in check, is what has allowed Compound Wealth Planning to shine as a beacon of hope for anyone facing any monetary challenges. His lifelong learning, and knack for connecting with a diverse range of clients, allows Kanishk to demonstrate incredible amounts of prowess, resulting in the company’s most recent award title. As an unfortunate result of the current cost of living crisis, there’s never been more of a demand for services that’re there to help you handle your finances. Money is a difficult medium to work with as it is, and yet things seem harder than they ever have before. Compound Wealth Planning, however, has compiled a range of services to assist those in need in all of the right areas. Compound Wealth Planning