Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 25 May22206 Best Alternative Asset Management Advisory Firm - USA yzygy is different from other advisory firms in that it serves its clients as an outsourced Chief Strategy Officer. What this means in practice is that Syzygy provides end-to-end solutions: the framework, triggers, sequencing, and investment manifestation, for the client to run off their balance sheet. Not only do CIOs and Investment Committees gain access to a world class architect and curator of research, but they also acquire full spectrum macro situational awareness and research that is given meaning in specific trade expressionism and defined risk vs. reward asymmetric payout structures. Syzygy’s ethos could be summarised as “let us manage 1-2% of your assets and advise on the other 98%.” In essence, Syzygy brings the asset and infrastructure ‘lite’ model to investment management – a model with which companies such as Uber and Airbnb have transformed their respective industries, becoming the largest players in their vertical markets, without the need for high fixed cost infrastructure. Just as has occurred in software, music, and television, with the emergence of ‘as a service’ models of delivery to consumers, Syzygy provides ‘alpha as a service’ on an outsourced platform to satisfy client needs. The model is time effective, cost effective, and capital effective. A parallel to Syzygy’s model can be observed in the advertising industry, where firms used to carry high internal creative headcounts, but now use specialist freelancers to form teams to solve problems on a project basis. In much the same format, Syzygy brings together top global talent to design bespoke investment themes, tailored to individual clients’ needs, while offering the best value for returns. Since launch, Syzygy’s model has proven highly successful, with fee earning investment advisory mandates now totalling more than $1bn from a client base comprising Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, family offices, endowments, pension funds, and superannuation funds. The founder and Chief Investment Officer of Syzygy Investment Advisory, William Callanan, has built the firm on the foundations of an investment management career spanning more than 20 years. But it’s William’s belief in the structural changes rapidly emerging in the investment management space that was the genesis of Syzygy and what differentiates it from other more conventional investment advisory firms. Unbundling is the emerging trend in fund management, causing significant industry fragmentation, and Syzygy is playing its S Syzygy Investment Advisory was launched in April 2019, with a core focus on global macroeconomic thematic alpha generation for long duration pools of investment capital. Transparency and asymmetric payouts are at the core of Syzygy’s value proposition – made possible by a unique approach to the business of asset management. part in the evolution of the investment management space, building on this trend as an innovator, not a disrupter. The shift in performance measurement for large asset pools, from index-based measures to absolute returns, further compounds the power of this emerging trend. Combined with the current surge in absolute levels of competition (brought on in part by technological disruption) and fee compression in a high fixed cost industry, fund managers are feeling the squeeze. This is driving demand for services which enable outsourcing of new functions, such as IP and Alpha generation, in order to remove some of the cost and burden of the traditional fund allocation model. Much like the longstanding trends of middle- and back-office outsourcing, this new wave will have immense impacts on the industry. Creativity happens at the margins of inter-disciplinary thought and William’s areas of expertise are interconnected on both a macro and micro basis, such as to afford a unique and very fertile realm for idea generation. Syzygy’s thematic frameworks are derived from intensive research from the geo-economic and geopolitical realms, but with differentiated and unconventional insights, and combined with financial markets expertise to produce primarily asymmetric payout structures in liquid market investment manifestations. Specialising in long-term macroeconomic trends, William’s big picture approach to investing produces highly concentrated, directionally oriented investment positions and a clearly defined investment philosophy – identify mispriced optionality and when opportunities arise, be patient, confident, and aggressive. In addition to William’s proven track record as a highly successful investment manager, and Chief Investment Officer in particular, Syzygy’s unique value proposition stems from its one-of-a-kind knowledge network, which William has built over the course of his 20-year career in macro investing. This network allows Syzygy to draw upon expertise across the credit, commodities, equities, interest rates, foreign exchange, and private equity disciplines. Crucially, it enables Syzygy to provide its clients with a mosaic of ideas, as well as delivering true domain expertise, on-demand, 24/7. Syzygy Investment Advisory Address: 38 Berkeley Square, London