Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 39 May22135 Most Trusted Accountants - Lincolnshire roviding a great tailored experience is at the core of everything RFBS Accounting does. Its team always goes the extra mile for clients, whether they are individuals or medium-sized businesses, from basic rate to additional rate taxpayers. The company is also devoted to working with several local charities. The RFBS team is a rather robust one with a vast array of experience in varying sectors. As the industry evolves and legislation changes rapidly, the focus of the firm is on ensuring its team members are up-to-date, using many memberships to professional bodies to cover a large amount of legislative changes and ensure they adapt to the changes as needed. Its staff therefore work to keep clients informed of changes that directly affect them in advance, and offer opportunities for them to get in touch as they need so they can prepare in these uncertain times. Continued CPD training with professional bodies combined with increasing interest in varying areas of finance helps RFBS to develop more services, meaning great experience and focus on becoming a business that every client needs. Although only in business for a year, the firm has been largely successful in keeping strong revenue versus the increasing costs of overheads, and it has been operating without the need for significant price rises to cover the overheads. There was a strong focus on improving cashflow and keeping overheads as low as possible to try and mitigate the need for large price rises. Much time and prioritisation went into this to keep the firm profitable and good value to clients. Growth for RFBS has been rapid during its first year of operating, with its large client list continuing to expand along with its array of services. The firm has adapted by making sure it has a strong team that focuses on the right way to benefit people, rather than following a trend of just raising prices amidst the increasing financial burdens. In RFBS’ local operational regions, it has noticed an increased need for accountants, given the situations that are currently affecting the world. Ryan comments, “We have spoken with many accountants and bookkeepers who have found that demand for services is rising but capacity of available accountants and bookkeepers is not and work cannot be taken on. “As a new practice aiming on growth and helping provide the best service, we aim to contribute towards assisting these individuals and businesses and provide that extra capacity to help the finance industry and assist those who need support around their financial matters.” P Ryan Rousseau formed RFBS Accounting Ltd in 2021 to support clients through their financial affairs and to enhance their growth. Operating across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, the firm aims to provide a service that is personal, engaging, and reliable, with a much more friendly approach than the standard corporate idea of just keeping people as a number on the books. Company: RFBS Accounting Ltd Contact: Ryan Rousseau Email: Website: