Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

40 Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 May22133 Leading Providers of Monthly Bookkeeping Services - Western USA stablished in 2008, Backyard Bookkeeper has become an essential part of how many small businesses continue to thrive. No matter what the industry, the mechanics of accounting remain the same and this team offers an invaluable service that transcends the way in which business operates. Based in Utah, the team at Backyard Bookkeeper have found a wealth of small businesses and entrepreneurs who need the support of finance professionals. Having spent the last 11 years working remotely, the team takes a lean and keen approach to accounting that allows staff to focus on what is most important to their clients. Whilst an innovative mindset lies at the heart of Backyard Bookkeeper, its success has come in spite of the limitations of the accountancy industry as a whole. Traditional accounting education has not changed for centuries, even though the last few decades have seen the sector transformed as a result of the introduction of accounting software that automates what previously had to be done manually. The whole industry is slow to change, often taking a long time to catch up the rapidly changing needs of the economy. Since the bookkeeping industry is unregulated and there is no universal standard of best practices, Backyard Bookkeeper has developed its own set of quality standards. The trust clients have in the Backyard Bookkeeper team is the key to their continued success. The values at the heart of Backyard Bookkeeper are family coming first, bookkeeping being fun and continued learning and development. E For nearly fifteen years, Backyard Bookkeeper has been providing accounting services to small businesses across the US. Their passion for family, for continuous development and for bookkeeping has been at the heart of their success. In the Worldwide Finance Awards 2022, Backyard Bookkeeper was recognised for their stunning efforts. We dig a little deeper to find out how they’ve done it. By working remotely, Backyard Bookkeeper is able to provide a flexible working environment that suits people who have varied lifestyles. So long as the work is completed to the highest standard, everyone is happy. Similarly, the firm is always pushing forward, learning new techniques and technologies. The firm has hired staff specifically for the oversight of internal training for staff. Whilst it’s vital for staff to stay abreast of the latest changes that can affect their bookkeeping, the management of Backyard Bookkeeper are always keeping an eye out for the general trends of industry as a whole. Many small business owners have begun to use cryptocurrency and digital assets, and the team have established a new framework through which to understand these transactions from an accounting perspective. The world of crypto requires a fresh approach to match the bold new way in which its users see finance. Over the last year, the company has doubled in size, serving the new businesses that have sprung up as a result of the recent economic upheaval. For bookkeepers, this has proven to be a great opportunity for growth, alongside the new industries of crypto and NFTs. New employees have found more upward mobility and new opportunities for promotion under this new system. Currently, the team are working on training protocols so that new clients can be partnered with new bookkeepers whilst still accessing the great service they expect. On a larger scale, it’s clear to the Backyard Bookkeeping team that web3 technology is going to transform the industry, and those who have the desire to learn are going to be the ones who benefit most. The success of Backyard Bookkeeper is a credit to the ethos behind the business. By allowing people to put family first and by embracing a modern approach to accounting, they have built an approach which guarantees success. Now that the team has adapted to the needs of the modern world, they are well on the path to securing new and impressive heights of success. Company: Backyard Bookkeeper Name: Julie DeLong Email: Web Address: