Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 43 May22088 One-Stop Finance Boutique of the Year - Singapore astern Trust and Wealth sees bank lending as an institution that requires strict standard procedures for financing projects and businesses that cannot be fulfilled by all borrowers. This is where Eastern Trust comes in, to make borrowers eligible to be financed by providing the tools needed by a bank; for example, it can guarantee a project loan if it feels the project has potential. The company accommodates financing requests sent by a series of banks and other financial firms to be structured in order to comply with the financing. The financial industry continues to grow year on year, especially in South East Asia where most developing countries are actively building projects and businesses and require financial support in various forms. The main challenges are policy changes and a decrease in the value of the currency for financing in the form of US dollars that are given to borrowers, however Eastern Trust’s expert team has a solution to reduce risks and external influences that have an impact on international currencies. In 2020 and 2021, the company recorded financing requests of more than $500m from the manufacturing business sector, more than $1b from the property and real estate sector, and $2.5b from the infrastructure sector. The increase in demand for financing was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic which closed financial sources in the banking sector and decreased purchasing power. This trend is happening in almost all regions and Eastern Trust is proud to have kept its doors open to assist in every situation. Indeed, Eastern Trust’s team of seasoned bankers, professionals, lenders, and investors take every challenge in their stride and they continue to do so. In order to do this, the company supports in ensuring they have all the technical know-how needed. With knowledge and good corporate governance, the team and company can provide the best service to the industry. Additionally, the team is able to stay ahead of long-term changes as well as emergency or force majeure changes that may occur, meaning that clients are always kept up-to-date on the situation. The company has also entered the DEFI (Decentralised Finance) platform in the crypto technology-based finance industry, enabling it to be present and remain knowledgeable in all areas of the financial sector. Now, the future is looking bright for Eastern Trust, with it this year targeting significant growth where the economy and restrictions begin to move and loosen. The company plans to develop lending and finance based on digital assets and digital banking that targets retail E Established 11 years ago, Eastern Trust and Wealth Pte Ltd (Eastern Trust) is an association of depositors, lenders, and investors that provide financing solutions and consulting services, particularly to projects and businesses that require support where commercial banks are reluctant to finance for certain reasons. customers. Eastern Trust will work closely with financial solutions to provide digital lending solutions to follow market trends as well as future finance research and development. Company: Eastern Trust and Wealth Pte Ltd Contact: Agus Salim Email: Website: