Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

44 Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 May22086 Leading Providers of Estate Executor Cloud-Based Software - North America stateExec is a revolution in the making. By law, every person who dies must have their estate settled by an executor, usually someone who has a wide range of tasks who has never completed any of them before. Whilst lawyers can be hired to help with the process, it can still involve hundreds of hours of work and last well over a year. EstateExec is designed to streamline the complex process, providing invaluable assistance when it comes to sorting out the particulars of an estate within specific jurisdictions. Every estate settlement involves gathering assets, resolving debts, filing legal paperwork, providing required notices, paying taxes, making distributions to heirs, and more. The automated tools involved in EstateExec make this straightforward, providing automated accounting that’s purpose-built for estate settlement. The unique challenges of inventorying assets and debts as well as managing an estate throughout the period of transition can all be handled through this incredibly powerful resource. The aim for EstateExec is to offer a meaningful service, one that is intrinsically useful to users. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team have designed their product so that customers have to trial it before buying a license. They believe they offer a service that is invaluable, and want users to be absolutely certain when they purchase it, that it satisfies all of their needs. The confidence of the team to make this decision is extraordinary. It’s this confidence, however, that has allowed them to set the roadmap not only for their business, but for the industry as a whole. The challenge with this remarkable freedom is working out precisely what to do with it. Often, users don’t knowwhat they want and the technology that drives EstateExec forward is always changing. By keeping abreast of any developments in the financial infrastructure, they can take advantage of new possibilities and ensure any advances don’t break existing deployments. From a legal perspective, too, the team at EstateExec have to keep up to date with the various changes in every state and province that they serve. To expand into another country not only requires researching its unique history and way of tackling the matter of executorship, but maintaining that connection at all times. This can be a job in and of itself, as laws not only change all the time, but the official sites on which the team depends are constantly changing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team saw major uptake of their product from the public at large. Many might consider this related to the increased death toll, but the absolute number of people E Estate settlement can be costly, mistakes especially. Whilst the process has remained essentially unchanged for hundreds of years, the work of the EstateExec team is set to revolutionise the way in which the industry operates. In the Worldwide Finance Awards from Acquisition International, the team were recognised for their stunning efforts. We dug a little deeper into the secrets of this firm’s incredible success to find out more. dying per year in their markets has increased by only about 15%, while the company’s growth rate is far above that. The reasons for this, therefore, must revolve around increased market awareness, increased product capabilities, and territorial expansion. Looking ahead, 2022 has seen a rewrite of the firm’s core financial engine, addressing the various lessons learned as more customers have used it. It not only accounts for their needs more, but is easier for development staff to maintain. The team have added per-jurisdiction statute guidance for dealing with out-of-jurisdiction executors, and additional per-jurisdiction help in locating a will. They’ve also added more wizards and guidance to make things easier for new users. The team are always exploring new ways of enhancing EstateExec, which is how they retain their position at the forefront of the industry. Having looked at where the team is going, we celebrate their success today. As a much-needed addition to the financial sector, supporting people through difficult times, EstateExec achieved the remarkable. We cannot wait to see what this talented team does next! Company: EstateExec Name: Dan Stickel Email: Web Address: