Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 45 May22056 Most Client-Focused Business Loans Brokerage - GTA apital For Market’s mission is to form partnerships with clients in order to efficiently get them the funding they need. With a creative and unyielding resolve, the Capital For Market team enjoys thinking outside the box and solving clients’ problems. Having achieved a funding success rate of over 95% for clients onboarded, they love to celebrate clients’ successes and feel very much a part of their growth. They love helping entrepreneurs to improve their future by equipping them with the funding they need to develop and strengthen their business. The team aims to get back to clients within four hours of receiving their completed application with all required documents provided, and funds can be provided within 24 hours or even on the same day. Multiple solutions and sources will be considered for clients’ financing needs, ensuring they receive funding needed to help them obtain their goals. To support in this, the team is sure to keep up-to-date with new trends, and wherever necessary bring contractors on board to help take advantage of trends. Because the finance industry is constantly changing – And in Canada, it has experienced an unprecedented amount of growth in the last decade. Unlike other parts of the world, in 2008, the Canadian housing didn’t experience any real drop. The growth in the housing market has been a major source of growth for the finance industry. Ultra-low interest rates further help to drive this growth. Director of Capital For Market, Lord Christopher comments, “As we move forward, the recent drive to increase rates will bring some changes. The dynamics of financing will change. Consumers will have to be more creative in traversing this new landscape.” The pandemic also brought a general boom for the financing industry. The huge injection of funds by the government via QE (Quantitative Easing) made financing available for everyone as capital looked for where it could be profitably employed. Some of Capital For Market’s clients share their feedback, giving us an insight into the positive impact the company is having. One person said, “My banks said no, but you got us $215k in unsecured funding. We grew our business from one store to three. Thank you.” Another said, “No one would give us any funding. You got us $35k to complete our software development project.” C Capital For Market helps North American companies, especially Canadian ones, to get the funding they need to grow and compete. Whether within the manufacturing, mining, oil, logistics, shipping, trading, or restaurants sectors, Capital For Market understands exactly what its small- to medium-sized business clients need and can tailor solutions that realistically get them where they need to go. Someone else said, “We had a real serious situation. Our workers were about downing tools, we couldn’t pay our wages for Christmas. You got us $300k. That was a stitch in time.” Indeed, Capital For Market’s help has opened doors for businesses and even saved people’s jobs. Evidently the most client-focused business loans brokerage, it is now looking to expand across Canada and the US, which can only be a good thing. We are truly rooting for the company as it strives to grow and change more lives for the better. Company: Capital For Market Contact: Lord Christopher Email: Website: